About US

So what is GoSAS?

well GoSAS [Gloucestershire’s Online Scout Active Support] is for anyone who wants to get involved in producing digital material for Scouting within [and outside of] Gloucestershire. Be it websites, video’s, photo’s or printable documents and posters.

Who is GoSAS?

Well anyone in Scouting over 18 can get involved in Scout Active Support. We even allow anyone under 18 to get involved in producing material to help. We have some Explorers who are creating some great video’s for us.

Can I get involved?

Ummmmm??? YES please contact us via the contact page 🙂 we welcome anyone with any skills, and will even train you up if you havent got the skills and want to try something new such as Web Design or Photography.

Our Services



We can help you will setting up wordpress themes or even custom build one for your needs. Why not get in contact?



Hosting provided to Gloucestershire’s Scouts for FREE. The county has now purchased a large internet package and would like to offer members the opportunity to reduce their costs. Not from in county? then get in contact, we might be able to help still.

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