Theme’s! Yep were have been developing themes as well 😮 were currently have 2 WordPress theme which are based on the free 2011 WordPress team template but have heavily modified them to be on brand for the scouts and guides. If you interested in getting hold of the theme or helping us out with it then get in contact via All we would like to know is how you found us, the website you want to use it on and if you would like to get updates.

We are currently working on 2 new themes which will be ‘responsive’ meaning that they work across different size devices.


So the scout theme is now in use. Look at, to see it in use. Its still an early development but Stable and were getting feedback all the time. So if you want to see what you can do with it drop us and email and we will send you a copy.

Here 🙂 is a little preview of the theme styled up, dont worry its very flexible and will allow you to get your funky images and info in place very easily.


Yep I know were scouts but we have friends in the guiding side and were feeling nice so were working on a guide theme as well 🙂 we currently have the theme in use on over at If you like it we will help you get your own version up and running drop us an email on the address We can even help you out with Hosting the website for you as well just fill out the form on the hosting page.